Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Book Review: We Met in December

If you follow any book blogger on Instagram you've probably seen this book multiple times, it's everywhere! It's got the cutest cover that is screaming to be read. Also, can we make note that this book officially finishes my 2019 Goodreads challenge?! This is book 110 of the year and for a few months I definitely wasn't sure if I would finish the goal this year but here we are with a month to go!

We Met in December - Rosie Curtis

Two people. One house. A year that changes everything.  

Twenty-nine-year-old Jess is following her dream and moving to London. It’s December, and she’s taking a room in a crumbling, but grand, Notting Hill house-share with four virtual strangers. On her first night, Jess meets Alex, the guy sharing her floor, at a Christmas dinner hosted by her landlord. They don’t kiss, but as far as Jess is concerned the connection is clear. She starts planning how they will knock down the wall between them to spend more time together.

But when Jess returns from a two-week Christmas holiday, she finds Alex has started dating someone else—beautiful Emma, who lives on the floor above them. Now Jess faces a year of bumping into (hell, sharing a bathroom with) the man of her dreams…and the woman of his.

I hate saying things like, "I wanted to love this one!" because that automatically implies that I didn't like it or that there was something wrong with it. In fact, I really did want to love this one because I love the romantic triangle trope and the premise of this book is kind of a dream set up for any romance novel. My primary issues with this book are that it is a bit of a slow read, I wanted to know when stuff was going to happen, and I was rather frustrated when both people are kind of morons and scared to ask each other what's going on, "are we friends or do you want more" kind of thing.

From every account of this summary you think this is a Christmas romance and no, it really isn't. Other than the fact they meet right after Christmas, this book takes place over the course of the year and doesn't resolve itself until the next Christmas so truly, this isn't a Christmas read and don't go into it thinking that otherwise you'll be greatly disappointed. Right away we meet all of these roommates and almost immediately you realize Jess is awkward but so is Alex in a way, and Emma is the worst. Everything about Emma oozes mean girl who is incredibly insecure so she's going to be extra snarky just because she can. How guys fall for this I will never understand, but Alex definitely does and it makes his budding friendship with Jess a little awkward. It's clear that they both want to be more than friends but confused me was why? I don't know what it is about either character that makes the other interested. I mean, Alex sounds handsome but Jess doesn't really sound like his type so the whole thing just felt odd.

Overall, I really struggled with this book. It wasn't awful but it's not one I'm going to remember and it's not one that I'd include in Christmas boxes for friends. I don't know, I expected something different so I ended up a little disappointed.

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mypixieblog said...

Oooh I actually haven’t heard of this book but I guess that isn’t too surprising since I tend to live under a rock. I’ll prob skip just based on your review alone but if I WERE to judge a book by its cover (and let’s be real, I totally do!) I would have assumed this was a Christmas romance, too.