Friday, November 29, 2019

Book Review: The Unfaithful Widow (Ten Years Later)

Well hopefully you've got a game plan for Black Friday and your obscene calorie intake from yesterday is enough to sustain you as you get through the crowds, or at least drive around a mall parking lot looking for a parking spot. In case you're looking to shop online, or maybe find a book for yourself to read, consider this one.
The Unfaithful Widow (Ten Years Later)  Barbara Barth
Welcome Back To My World. Picking up where The Unfaithful Widow ended, Ten Years Later continues the author’s journey from widow to a slightly askew woman. A memoir written with warmth and candor on being single again, aging, and finding a creative path surrounded by dogs, friends, laughter, and a bit of craziness. Barbara Barth shares stories on the adventures that followed her first year alone as she moved headfirst into a new life, listening to her heart, sometimes not so wisely, but always full speed ahead. From owning an antique shop for nine months to finding a Victorian cottage outside of Atlanta, trading traffic for views of pastures and cows, and all the folly in between. Going into the next decade with six dogs by her side, the author proves you are only as old as you feel, and happiness begins with a grateful heart. A funny and engaging memoir for anyone who wants to be their own super-hero facing life’s good and bad moments.
Full disclosure, I haven't read the first book, The Unfaithful Widow, which is her first year following the loss of her spouse and dealing with death, grieving while dealing with death and the logistics of that, get getting back into dating and living as a new person. I haven't read it, and now that I have read this one, I really want to.

Barbara Barth makes things that shouldn't be funny.... funny. The entire book is written as if you're reading her personal journal and not only are you laughing along with her, but you're getting a candid look at what life is really like when you find yourself starting life completely over. Finding yourself (again), learning how to adult but a little differently (again), trying to figure out where your boundaries are (again), but all the while trying to be you. The old you, because sometimes people aren't on this ride with you because for them, things change differently. But also do it all as you're aging and going through that process which is like unlearning what you knew and relearning how to do simple things in a way that you won't hurt yourself. And sometimes it's not even you, but nurses and aides who happen to break your femur and dislocate your hip so you get to have a repeat surgery! (That actually happens to her in this book- I felt rage for her!)

With chapters that include a farting Christmas tree and being "as merry as we get", you are going to enjoy each one. Oh! If you're a dog lover- you will adore this book, it features her dogs heavily and we even see pictures of them, so that's pretty adorable.

Barbara is honest all the way through, talks about the good and the bad, and is honest about grieving and moving on but also about aging. I liked how she was determined to not be defined by her age, and no matter how tough things got for her personally, she was always able and willing to help people in different capacities. Dogs, too.

Overall? A solid 4 for this. If you're into books that are comprised of short chapters that aren't quiet essays but more like journal entries, this is for you. You'll find yourself reading and going for "one more chapter" and suddenly you realize you've read half of the book. I really enjoyed this and it would make for a fun gift (along with the first one) for someone who has lost someone or is just in a weird spot in life looking to reinvent themselves, I'm sure they'll relate to this in some way.

A big thanks to the publisher and author, as well as Women on Writing for making sure I received a copy of this for review; all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

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Barbara Barth said...

Sara, thanks for such a lovely review of my book and for hosting me on my blog tour with WOW! Women on Writing. I love how you invite readers to e-mail you to become best friends. Such a wonderful and friendly blog. Hugs, Barbara