Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Book Review: Love Under Quarantine

I don't know about you, but I'm flying through books during quarantine and I am not hating it. Not at all. I know I have a ton of books on my shelf I've yet to read and I have a few more coming (all of my gift cards are officially gone.... sad day) this week, but dang it if the best books are coming up for reviews! I cannot stop and I love how good they all are!
Lover Under Quarantine 
Kylie Scott & Audrey Carlan

While the world is ravaged by a global pandemic, hotshot NFL running back Evan Sparks is locked in his own personal hell. With a career-ending scandal on his back, Evan hides out in his best friend’s empty San Francisco home, the full city shutdown locking him in a lonely twenty-story apartment in the sky.

Romance writer Sadie Walsh is having the worst case of writer’s block ever…until the incredible, muscular stranger staying next door gets her muse going strong. The pair of loners, never expecting to find a friend in all the madness, meet each day out on their balconies like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

Each new day brings unique challenges for the pair as they navigate the unknown and find solace together. They quickly figure out that as long as they have one another, they can handle anything.

Even falling in love under quarantine. 

First things first, if you follow either Kylie Scott or Audrey Carlan on Instagram you may have seen something about this book maybe being insensitive given the fact we're still smack in the middle of a quarantine. As someone who read, and loved, this book I can tell you that is so far from the truth. YES, this book takes place during the quarantine we are living in but I will tell you that it is done really well. A lot of the feelings the characters go through are ones we can all recognize. I know when they go to the grocery store for food and witness the precautionary measures in place for the first time, both authors captured that so well because that is exactly how I felt when I went to Target and it looked straight out of a dystopian nightmare.

The best part of this book for me was the fact they found love right in front of their face. In what could have been an incredibly lonely, scary time for both of them, they had each other to talk it out and they fall in love. I love that this is a romance author falling in love with a football player and that he is literally the dream hero of a novel and she gets to live it out. She is different from anyone he's ever been with and it takes him by surprise how much seeing her, even on a balcony, makes his day. Throw in his athletic doping nightmare and we've got ourselves a NOVEL!

Other characters in the book that we meet are all variations of people we know in how they are handling Covid-19. We have people who get sick and take it seriously, some that don't, some on the front lines, and overall I felt like they wrote these characters and this story with care. I think in a few years, when we are hopefully past all of this, this will be an interesting look at what life was like in 2020.

I'm giving this one a solid 5 stars because the romance was great, steamy scenes were so good, and I really was rooting for these characters the entire time. Just the bickering and back and forth was so fun to read. Not to mention this was written by two authors who aren't in the same room throwing ideas out there. How they managed to do that seamlessly to bring a fun story, I'll never know and that's far more talent than I have! I immediately think of those group projects in college that were just absolute hell and one person (me) ends up doing all of the work. I can say that definitely doesn't happen here, and I have to add Audrey Carlan to my list because I already have read Kylie Scott, but now Audrey needs to grace my shelves, too!
A huge thanks to Social Butterfly PR, Kylie Scott, and Audrey Carlan for having me on this tour AND sending me a copy for review! If you want to help out, buy some books from indie authors! Writing is their job and your purchase is their paycheck. 💖
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Shooting Stars Mag said...

I don't see how a book about the pandemic would insensitive unless it made fun of it or said it was a hoax. Not the case here, so I'm glad that you really loved it!