Thursday, May 21, 2020

Cardboard Queen, Phallic Worms, and Balls

I bet this post sounds PRE-TTY promising with that title, am I right?
Well, on Instagram I have another giveaway, this time for a book duo! It ends Friday, and you should definitely enter. 

In other news, not being about to go out into the world means I'm doing a lot of online shopping, like everyone else. It dawned on me that I'm really glad the delivery people can't see what I'm ordering because I'm pretty sure they would really have thoughts about me.

I've been ordering a lot of books but from used bookstores so I pay very little for them and I'm all about that. Let me just put in there that you can't get excited until the book comes because a little over half the time the book ends up being refunded because they realize they don't have it. It's SO frustrating.
Also, the books coming to the house are wildly different. I've got my standard fiction coming, a few non-fiction, review books, my R.L. Stine books, and then my romance books which are swinging from cute rom-com to not quite Fifty Shades of Grey but close. HA! Also? I can't wait to show you my new craft/office/library room, I'm hoping I can get something together to show you on Friday!
In other news, I'm trying to garden and if you know me at all I'm certain you are laugh/snorting right now. Penelope and Lucy want to help and on our breaks I take them for a walk (separately, so its like I get two walks or one really long one). 
That's been working out, but they also want to pull everything and they aren't actually helping at all, so I have to give them things to do. A favorite is to find worms in the dirt and "rehome" them, which if I was a worm I'd be fully terrified, because Penelope pets them and holds them right up to her eyeballs. Lucy is a little more squeamish about it but she'll hold them only because Penelope is. 
One afternoon I took a break from weeding and Penelope found our I Can Only Draw Worms book. It's a really cute book about counting but also how even the worst artist can at least draw a worm. Anyways. So I tell the girls we should draw worms. We drew worms (Lucy's is a squished worm). When Matt came home the girls showed him and he looks at me and tells me they look like messed up penises.

So I have penises on my sidewalk right now. You're welcome, neighborhood.  
Shout out to Matt though because he has been working so hard at work and then coming home and doing stuff here. Our city dump/landfill opened again so he ended up taking a half day off of work just to haul things from our move because we had no way of getting rid of it before. So he's exhausted all of the time. 
I cannot find it but once upon a time I had a post all about my failures in the meatloaf and meatball area. I'm 38 years old and only THIS WEEK was I able to make meatballs that (wait for it) taste good AND retained their ball shape. Big doings, you guys. Big doings. I took a picture of my balls in case I can't ever do it again. 
Speaking of books earlier, here's what came on Monday this week! I'll read and review these soon for you, no worries!
Oh, new development: Penelope now walks Lucy around the house like a dog. She tried to put the actual leash around her and I had fears of her choking Lucy so this was our compromise.

Momlife. Nailing it.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

My online shopping is absolutely out of control right now. I'm currently obsessed with swimsuits since I've lost 25 lbs and we've opened the pool. It's ridiculous.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

HAH I love that Penelope "walks" Lucy - and that's totally a good compromise! Yay for book mail - that's always the best. I'm also a bit addicted to online shopping and I need to chill the heck out. hah