Sunday, November 30, 2014

17, almost 18. And some 16.

Seriously, I suck as a blogger as of late. To my defense, things are busy. I have LOTS to tell you about, lots of pictures to share, and my goal is just to actually sit down and blog several things all at once and keep you coming back every day this week.

Because you know you want to.

16.5 weeks pregnant

So here's the deal, right now I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday. It's kind of a weird "is she pregnant or fat" phase I'm in right now, but there is definitely something there. Some days it feels all hard and other days it feels like I'm literally just super fat and gross.

The good news is that I'm not throwing up anymore! I come close some mornings because I randomly start coughing and if I don't have a silent, "You stop coughing RIGHT THIS SECOND" conversation with myself in the mirror, I will cough until I throw up and I don't count that.

As of right now, I'm actually down four pounds from where I started. So... that's good? I mean, obviously I'm protruding, so something is growing in there, so I'm not worried. The heartbeat two appointments ago was 176 so the old wives' tale says that means it's a girl, but my last appointment it was 146, so that says boy. We officially find out (hopefully) at our next appointment, which is December 15.

I get a lot of people asking how I feel and basically, I feel no different. I don't really feel pregnant at all. I occasionally get swollen ankles but it goes away quickly. I've had heartburn on and off, but I had it 24/7 with Olivia so this is nothing compared to that. I sleep OK at this point, but I am tired literally all of the time. I really think my hemoglobin is low and I'm pretty sure I'll get put on special iron supplements like with the other two pregnancies, and that sucks because everything tastes vaguely like metal then. But if it means not feeling like a zombie a little while longer, I'm game.

The cool thing was last night I was able to feel one kick from the outside of my belly. I've been feeling things since 14 weeks, but honestly, it's so rare and random it's hard to feel like I've hit that milestone. I'm kind of excited when it's a constant thing, or at least something I can feel far more often. Soon, I suppose.

Olivia and Jackson are getting VERY excited about the baby. They've seen my new niece (post on her soon) twice now, and both don't pay much attention to her when she's here, but when she leaves I get lots of questions. Today my brother and sister in law were here with Adriana, the baby, and we heard Adriana cry a little bit. I think it made Jackson nervous. After they left he asked me if our baby is going to be that little and squirmy, and if I thought it would cry a lot. I said yes and he looked kind of scared. But his number one concern is not having enough toys for the baby. He is so worried the baby is going to be bored and mentions it every time we go to the store, that we should maybe pick up a toy or two. It's kind of adorable.

So that's where we're at. I'm going to post pictures of the nursery soon. As it turns out, Matt can't find the hammer (shocker) so he hasn't been able to hang up my cute wall hangings. He promises he'll look for it tonight.


Anonymous said...

You look good. We have at least five hammers...

Anonymous said...

Aw, your little baby belly is so cute!

Julie H said...

One time Scott swore someone stole his hammer because he couldn't find it. I finally found it one day when I was working in the yard. It was partially embedded in the grass.

My friend is PG and she is most unhappy pregnant person I've ever seen. She hates everything about it. So weird.

Claire said...

Looking great! And just pregnant enough to not 'be fat'!!