Monday, November 10, 2014

Things are looking up! *knock on wood*

Seriously folks, 2014 can just kiss it as far as I am concerned. I have to be honest and say this has been one of the most difficult years we've had in awhile and I am so ready for it to be over. I'm not one to wish days away, but I've just about had it and I can only think that 2015 is going to be good to us. Surely we can't have a streak continue, right? But here are some things that are happening in the land of Strand this week:

* there is a slim chance that some of our medical bills are going to be re-submitted to insurance. As it turns out, my prenatal appointments from earlier this year weren't actually coded as such, which is why I have been paying on a ridiculously huge medical bill all of these months. There is a chance, if the hospital agrees to re-code them and resubmit them, that they will get taken care of and I'll be paid back some of what I have already paid. Not by Christmas, I'm sure, but hell- I'll take it when I can get it.

* I honestly think I'm done with the nausea. Sure, this morning I threw up a lot but I think that had more to do with waking up with a raging headache. Anytime I wake up with a headache, I will inevitably throw up during the day, not related to anything else with me or what I eat, but that the pain level just gets to the point where I will throw up.

* I'm 15 weeks along this week! Seriously, next week I'll post a picture. Swearsies. I have to stay consistent with when I took pictures with the other two because I can't have that crazy un-evenness in my scrapbooks. Surely you understand.

* I accepted a part time job at my kids' school as a library assistant. It feels like it's going to be a perfect fit. Right now I am hoping I can keep both part time jobs, at least for awhile yet to catch up on bills and get ready for baby, but we'll see. If I can't make the schedules work, I have to make some tough decisions and I don't like that. I feel guilty no matter what, and I know I shouldn't.

* I am getting ready for Christmas and I kind of love it. Christmas is my favorite holiday, my favorite time of year, and no matter how bad things get- I always look forward to it. I'm trying to plan some fun holiday/winter outings with my kiddos to get every bit out of fun I can out of it.

* I don't think I mentioned how great Matt and I are doing right now. Seriously. We have been spot on with our communication, we feel like a team, and I am blown away at how helpful and supportive he is with this pregnancy. I keep telling him that this is amazing and I love it, and I love him. It feels good to know that I made the right decision when I decided to stick it out through the really awful years, because we are at an amazing spot right now.

OK- more soon. I have some picture updates coming for you... just as soon as I remember where I put my camera. As it turns out, pregnancy brain is an actual thing, and the third time is obviously the charm because this is the first time I've had it. (Did I tell you I keep putting random things in the freezer? Like all of the time, yet have no recollection of it at all?) So I'll find it. I have to. Mostly because I need it soon and we only have the one. But I'm going to look again before asking Matt for help- I think he's starting to worry I have dementia or something. HA!

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Unknown said...

Dude, I was already listening to Christmas music on November 1st. It did feel a bit early, but in all fairness it was cold (like 43, which is cold as shit for here) and I just wanted some Christmas in my life.

Plus side to not having a family to have Thanksgiving with (it really was never a huge holiday in my family either, but just spending time with my parents & sister is great, especially now that I'm away)... I can be a crazy nut and camp out all day Thursday at Target because you damn well know I'm getting that $400 55 inch TV. Bitches better step.