Saturday, May 28, 2016

Crafty Saturday: Popping my Paper Pumpkin Cherry

So I have a slight obsession with Stampin' Up products. I remember when I first started scrapbooking and I had gotten my first catalog, I may or may not have spent $400 on stamps in one sitting.

It was Sell-a-Bration, and I had a party, and I also have zero self control.

Since then I've really reigned in my spending because truly, I've found that I buy things because the sample cards are super adorable, and then I get the set and think- this is out of my wheelhouse. Why did I think I was going to want to color in all of these elements? Or cut these tiny things out? But I become kind of attached to them and have a hard time letting them go, and it's really just a vicious cycle.

One Matt doesn't totally understand, but he knows better than to question my sanity.

But now I have a friend who sells Stampin' Up and I am itching to buy all of the things. My bank account says to not buy all the things, and predictably, the utility company does not care that I didn't pay a bill because I couldn't control myself when cute craft stuff is involved.

They are kind of jerks in that way.

Sometime last year I got back into buying things when I could and by now Stampin' Up has this super fun monthly subscription called Paper Pumpkin. It's a box of goodies which include fun papers, a stamp set, embellishments and instructions on how to make the project. Don't worry- I'm not signed up for it, but sometimes when they have extra boxes you can buy them individually. I decided to try one out, just to see, and I'm so sorry I can't remember what this one was called but you can't get it anymore so it doesn't matter. What does matter is that it was easy and fun.

This kid allowed you to make like 8 cards, I think? The nice thing is that even after you've used the paper and envelopes up, you still have this cute mini stamp set and the stampin' spots (small inks) so you could easily make more with different papers. The instructions were pretty easy to follow and it took me about 20 minutes to put all of the cards together. The other nice thing is that the cards I make are usually very simple with minimal work, so these took me out of my comfort zone a bit with all of the details and pieces you layer together to make a super cute card. Things I wouldn't think to do, but having everything pre-cut and all you have to do is assemble is really nice.

The other great thing about Paper Pumpkin is that it would make for a fun gift for someone. If you have a friend who likes to do crafty things but not a lot of time, this is a perfect little subscription to get them (think birthdays, Christmas, etc). If you are interested in gifting that (I can give you my address if needed... just kidding... kind of) or want to try on your own, go HERE and order. You can subscribe for the monthly kit or click on "past kits" and you can see what is available. The other cool thing is if you get the subscription and decide you really want to make more of a particular item, you can buy a refill kit. Which is really handy, especially on the kits that would be like party favors or such. It's a fun idea if you do classroom or birthday treats and want to look like the over achieving mom. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I love the title of your blog post. So funny! I have never heard of Paper Pumpkin before but I am into crafty things so maybe I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Woohoo!!! Glad you liked your Paper Pumpkin! There are always alternative ways to use the kits out on Pinterest! :D