Monday, May 9, 2016

Out with April, in with May

Someone suggested I make a recap of what I read in one month and my plan for the current month. Which, genius little lamb, genius. So I'm going to do that. In case you miss one of my reviews, or you're looking for something to read and don't want to go through each post, I'll do a recap with links and if a cover jumps at you- check it out.

That's right, I'm advocating judging a book by its cover. I totally approve.

Here are my April reads:

The Summer of Me: Single mother with two kids given a summer to basically find herself and give herself some direction for the future. Fun beach read!
The Outliers: First in a series, already optioned for a movie about a teen who may or may not have special abilities. She's on the quest to find her friend who has mysteriously disappeared. Everything gets crazy and nothing is as it seems.
Whisper If You Need Me: A cute teen romance novel about a girl who very much doesn't want to go to camp, but realizes camp isn't so bad with a hottie counselor.
Rules for 50/50 Chances: Fun YA book about a girl who may or may not have Huntington's disease and her dilemma on whether she should find out or not.
300 Days of Sun: If you liked Beautiful Ruins, you'll really like this one.
The House by the Lake: A present day novel that weaves in a historical story of Germany during the Nazi regime.
The Decent Proposal: A funny romantic novel about an LA based romance kindled by a deal, not love so much.

Lords of the Underworld 1 & 2: If you are a fan of paranormal romance, you need this series in your life. These are the first two, many others are already published so you can easily continue.
The Heartless City: The start of a series, a twist on Jekyll and Hyde, with a YA romance thrown in. It's a fast read!
A Mind of Your Own: An in depth look at non-medication ways to work on yourself, your depression, and how your entire physical health can be transformed.

Quite a few books I managed to get through last month! Now for May I shortened my "absolute need to get through" list because I think if I set the bar too high it won't happen. But if I can get through these with time to spare, I'll pick a few books off my shelf. Speaking of, I got new shelves last weekend and I found that I have a LOT (and I'm talking maybe 50) books on my shelf that I have not read. But don't tell Matt. So my goal is to really get through a lot of these in the coming months.
So here is my reading pile for May. The only ones that are not for already scheduled reviews is Yes, Please and Drowning to Breathe. The rest I am doing for review and you'll see those soon. I do have a couple of review books for May that aren't pictured here simply because I haven't received them, but I think you'll find quite a few of these being recommended for your summer reading lists, so stay tuned!

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Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

I totally judge a book by it's cover. lol Gena's book is amazing! So with you on that. And yummy covers. Score!