Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crafty Saturday: Thank you cards

I was looking through a mommy group I belong to on Facebook this week and the topic of thank you cards came up. I was really surprised at how many people said they don't send them because they are pointless and nobody cares.

That's totally not true. I totally judge you based on whether or not you send a thank you card. I have some friends who never, ever send them and I love them all the same, and I have some who send them for everything and I love it. I love getting any kind of mail that doesn't require me to pay a bill. I think it's especially pertinent when you mail a gift or something to someone not local. Did they get the gift? Did they like it? I feel like it takes less than a minute to write out a simple thank you and it can mean a lot to someone. Sometimes I just have a crap day and getting a thank you puts a smile on my face.

With Penelope's recent birthday, Olivia's dance teachers final year, and some other things we've gotten lately, I realized I was totally out of thank you cards. I made a quick dozen to have on hand because I'm hoping (hint, hint) that I'll get some cute baby gifts soon so I want to have some on hand.
Even better? I'm using up scraps because my box is FULL after finishing Penelope's first year book so it's time I use them up. All of my scraps are basically what I make cards from so it works out perfectly.
I also decided I need to find some more stamps that work with my Stampin Up scallop punches because those are easily my most used punches. I even used up the rest of my green and white polka dot washi tape on the envelopes, because I'm not a fan of naked envelopes. I have this urge to buy more washi tape but alas.. being broke is preventing me from that.

The cards themselves took me maybe 15 minutes to make all dozen of them, and I was able to spend another 15 minutes writing out all 12 cards for thank you's for people. So in half an hour, twelve people will know we got the gift, we love the gift, and we appreciate them thinking of us and being generous.

It's truly the least we can do.

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