Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lit Cube: Through the Looking Glass, May

I know. I can feel your judgment through the internet, lambs. I know I said I was going to cut back and I was going to just say no to book boxes but truly. I tried. I tried REALLY HARD.

We can all blame LitCube because their theme for May was Through the Looking Glass and you know I love Alice in Wonderland and I just... I couldn't even help myself.

I had a mini freak out moment on Monday when I seen that people were getting their boxes and I never got a tracking number for my box, and I panicked that maybe I missed the deadline. Thankfully, I'm just a whackadoodle and my box came on Tuesday. And it's gloooooooorious.

Let us all just take a minute and hold the squeal we want to let out for just a minute longer. And now LET IT OUT.

The box itself contains two 5x7 prints (by Star in my Pocket, $12.99 value), a super delicious cookie by Sweets by Steph ($2.50 value), a shirt with one of my favorite lines ever ($19.95 value), and a adorable bookmark, also a Star in my Pocket item ($3.25 value)...
a super cute makeup bag which is exclusive to this box ($12.99 value)...
an exclusive Through the Looking Glass pocket mirror ($8.99 value)... 
and of course, the book Alice Takes Back Wonderland by David D. Hammons ($18.99 value) which came with a letter from the author. Admittedly, the problem I've always had with LitCube is that the books are either unexpectedly really good or they are so bad that they end up in my did-not-finish pile. This one has some pretty mediocre reviews on Goodreads, with more than a few people saying they didn't even finish it, so I'm worried. It's combining the classic story of Alice along with Disney characters so it sounds sketch as hell. I guess we'll find out. I probably won't get to this in May, more likely in June, but we'll see. It's not very long so maybe I can fly through it. Either way, I'll let you know. I feel like if LitCube just bit the bullet and went with books that are mainstream and popular and/or anticipated, this box would be ridiculously over the top amazing. The swag is always so great and fun.. it's the books that are so damn hit or miss.

The next theme is Roaring 20's and no lie, I'm worried but I'm in. Dammit.

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