Friday, February 2, 2018

PageHabit: My new obsession

You guys. I know I am a book subscription box junkie but I'm telling you, this one is GREAT! I would not recommend it to you if I wasn't 100% in love with what I got, and I absolutely was. 

Alright, so the cool thing about PageHabit is that you pick your genre, and they have quite a few to choose from: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Horror, Historical Fiction, and Science Fiction - those are the MONTHLY boxes. If you are looking only to do something quarterly, you aren't a big reader, you can choose from Literary Fiction, Young Adult Fiction or cookbook!! 

For my first month (because you can change your genre) I chose Romance but also added the option of including the Young Adult Fiction book. 

Because yes, if you can't make a decision like an adult, PageHabit has you, boo. You can add on the book from other genres, hell you can probably add all of them if you wanted. It's about the same cost as if you bought the book in the store, so it's still a fun deal. 

You also get some bookish goodies but the COOLEST???
The coolest part about the box is your book comes tabbed, tons and tons of annotations by the author. You also get a letter about the book from the author, and I got a signed bookplate. I only got the letter and book plate for the book in my designated genre, my add on book came with annotations but no letter. 
 Here are a couple examples of the annotations inside of my romance book, Starlight Nights by Stacey Kade
Doesn't it sound so good?? 

The other book I got was Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh and that looks good, too. 

Are you interested in trying out a box? You can always cancel if it isn't your cup of tea, but so far all of the books picked for every genre were solid choices so nobody was disappointed, I'm sure. If you want to try PageHabit, use my referral code and I get a $10 credit! This really is the way to go if you just aren't sure what kind of box you want and given I've tried many, I really loved this one so far. 


mypixieblog said...

Ooooh this sounds amazing!! And would make a great gift for a book-loving friend. I love that you can sort by genre (mysteries are always my favorites personally!). Hope you have a great weekend, Sara!

Erica Robyn said...

Ooh! I'm glad you had a great experience. I tried this subscription once around Halloween and I was super disappointed.