Saturday, February 10, 2018

Scrappy Saturday: Pages & Cards

Once upon a time, I used to make cards for every thing. Every holiday. For every one. I still feel shame that I sent a photo card for the holidays this year, I don't know if I'll ever get back to making 100+ cards at a time again, but I recently made a few for Valentine's Day. 
I'm not sure who is getting them yet, and maybe I'll make some more.. I don't know yet. 

I also worked on some scrapbook pages. I'm trying to do small batches at a time because my attention span isn't great.  
 As it turns out, I have a lot of dance photos I hadn't gotten to. 
 But it's pretty fun to see how much Olivia has progressed from year to year. 
 She still looks so little, though. 
 It'll be interesting to compare these from last year to the ones they are taking soon for this year. 

It was also fun to see pictures from a few Christmases ago. 

 And I forgot to share with you my projects from a recent string art party I went to. 
 I did that top one with the arrows at the party, LOTS of nailing. 
Then I made a teal survivor ribbon for AFE at home. I still have the stuff to make a pineapple, I just don't know when I'll do it or where I will put it. I wish I had more string to make it stand out more but doing it with string versus something on an actual spool is 1000 times harder! 

Pretty soon I am going to a painting party where I'll make some glasses and then another string art party. I might go to a pallet party too, we'll see! 

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Ooh all these craft parties sound awesome! I love pineapples so that string art would be fun, but the two you did are great. I have one in the shape of KY but it's not the best. LOL My mom's definitely looks better.