Monday, March 11, 2019

Weight Loss Challenge (week 18) Oh, jellybeans.

I'll be fully honest with you and tell you that I didn't do a damn thing last week. I can't really go into the things I'm dealing with because the person specifically asked me not to talk about it and also, the other stuff I don't want to talk about because I'm still trying to process it all and figure out what to do.

Needless to say, I cried a lot, I'm worried sick (literally) and I realize that my brain injury means I don't have the capacity to take all of this on anymore. I have reduced processing speed and it's just really hard. I'm coping and not well and it's hard. I just want one thing to be easy, you know? I don't have an area in my life that is stress free and OK. Not one. I did reach out to friends this week so I have some dinners set up to talk through it and hopefully have help going through it. So there's that.

This week I do want to get back on the wagon. I am realizing that the happiest I've been was when I was working on myself and being fit. I know that I have to do this and I'm sure that once I do it for a month long stretch it'll become routine and it won't be such a big deal for me. I feel like my depression is really pulling me down so I'm not sure how to rise above it.

And if you tell me vitamin D, sunshine, CBD oil, essential oils, shakes, cellophane wraps, whatever.... I'm going to punch you. Just stop.

The other thing I have to start looking into is dairy and gluten. Lucy has had some serious eczema issues and though she's going to see an allergist in April or something, we were told that dairy would be on the shortlist of things to look at. That's a bummer because you know, ice cream. I've tried dairy alternative milks for the girls before (soy, almond, etc) and they were really gross and nobody would drink it. I'm not sure what to do there. Also, gluten is amazing. I love gluten. I love it a lot. I know that I should probably curb the gluten for my own issues but Lucy has had some crazy weird poop that's grainy/sandy and I've read it might be a gluten issue. I've tried gluten free things and alternatives and god.... it's all so gross. I don't know how I'm even going to live gluten free, to be honest.

I need ideas! How do I switch a family (and me) to gluten and dairy free without us all crying about it?

Also, jellybeans are in store and that is the best part of Easter.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's so interesting - my post yesterday was all about going gluten free. My doctor wants me to try for a few weeks and see if I feel better. I've noticed a difference already, so I'm thinking I'm going to end up being gluten free too and it's a bit sad because the bread!! the baked goods!!!

I'm sorry you're dealing with some stuff; that's great you're meeting up with some friends to talk though.