Monday, March 18, 2019

Weight Loss Challenge (week 19)

Again, this week I did nothing. Well, nothing in terms of exercise.

In nutrition I have been doing some research on diets that are gluten, dairy, sugar free. As you would assume, it's a lot of food that I don't eat. At all. I am a little fearful that I'm going to be put on this diet at my next GI visit to see if it makes any difference with my stomach pains and I know for damn sure I'll lose weight because I will be eating mostly nothing. I can have cucumbers and iceberg lettuce so there's that.
I'm probably going to die. According to Google I can live for like three weeks with no food so we'll see. It's kind of daunting. SO..... if you have any recipes that are gluten, dairy, and sugar free.... help a girl out.

In other news, it's getting nicer outside. By nicer I mean it's over freezing and things are melting, so that's basically summer for northern Wisconsin. The plan for this week is:

  • Two Beachbody Workouts
  • Two walks either outside or on the treadmill
  • One session on my bike
I know it seems ambitious but honestly I really have to start pushing myself, you know? I am feeling like I'm coming out of the weird depressive fog I've been in, which only confirms I have no idea why they come or why they go, which is frustrating. To say the least. 

The other thing is I'm trying to get into podcasts but I'm kind of struggling with finding good ones. Right now I listen to The Mental Illness Happy Hour, Phil in the Blanks, The Arm Chair Expert, and (sometimes) 300 Pounds and Running. I just added the new Conan O'Brien one so we'll see how that is. I want something to listen to as I walk so if you listen to a good podcast- help a girl out. 

So that's what my week is going to look like. Wish me luck. Olivia has dance until 8:45 tonight so that's going to be late so... tonight might be my bike night. Or maybe I'll get crazy and do a walk. I'm not sure yet. Cross your fingers for me. 


Julie H said...

My favorite Podcasts are This American Life, Mortified, The Moth, and Guys we F&cked lol

Julie H said...

Oh and Beautiful Annoymous

Sarah said...

Well, the weather is improving so that might be helping your mood!!

Also, those Trim, Healthy Mama books are full of gluten and sugar free recipes, some probably dairy free, too. My sister cooks all of her family's meals from those books. I know it sounds sucky but when I went gluten and sugar free six years ago I felt so much better that I didn't even want that crap anymore. People couldn't believe what I was giving up saying it was no way to live but I felt so much better that I just didn't care.

Hope you're riding the bike right now!! We drove straight through from Florida arriving yesterday morning. I hit the sack at seven last night and have not a single memory from 7pm to 7am!! Good thing there wasn't a fire. I figure I walked so much last week that I can sit around for a few days!!