Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Divergent and Theo's lips.

Can we just talk for a moment about the Divergent movie? Because I really loved it. I think we all remember my pretty harsh review of the book, right? (If you missed it, go HERE.) It wasn't that I hated the book, I just feel really strongly Veronica Roth blatantly ripped off Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games, and I'm not alone. There are entire online communities who are pissed about this. It's probably time for them to settle down by now, though.

I so strongly disliked the book that this is the first time I've really considered giving book two and three the middle finger and forgetting it.

But then, I saw the movie.

Not only am I now madly in love with Theo James and where have you been all of my life, but it was really good. It was FAR and above better than the book. Which, normally movies basically butcher the book, but this time it did it justice and made so much more sense. All of the loose ends the author leaves about in the book and gaps you just have to mentally fill in? Movie folks fixed them.

Let's just stare at Theo's lips because I would like to bite them. And that Adam's Apple? Can we talk about how nice my face would look up in his neck? Because I feel like it could be the best ever. Also? Why is he not god damn Christian Gray? Where was HE in the running for that? Seriously, I keep telling people I'm going to buy a Tiger Beat magazine just for the Theo James posters for my office.

But back to the movie before I say something truly embarrassing. Ignore that buzzing you hear.

It was a good movie. I got to go with a really awesome work friend who loves books just as much as we do and I appreciate that she and I have similar movie watching styles. I'm normally pretty animated (Like the time I screamed, "WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING??" super loud at the last Twilight movie and grabbed the stranger next to me. I think they were afraid.), and sometimes when things get intense I raise my leg in the air and I'm not totally sure why. I do it while playing Super Mario as well. Anyways. But her and I were in agreement that the book was not nearly as good as the movie. The movie basically makes me want to read the next two books so I can mentally prepare for the movies.

Ultimately, I know what happens to Tris and it's awful and horrible. I suspect Veronica Roth is trying to one up Suzanne Collins by giving the heroine a demise, and whatever. I don't care what the hell happens to Tris, because it's me and Theo forever anyways. It's easier without her here to make it awkward. Clearly. But sometime this summer I'll get it together and finish up the series. My to-read pile has grown exponentially which is insane considering my time to do any of it when I start school is probably close to never. We'll see though.


Kattrina said...

Ivan and I went to see it last weekend and I loved it too! So good! I also haven't read the other two in the series, but maybe I will get to it this summer.

So, have you committed to school???? I haven't decided about taking out $38,000 in school loans. Maybe that is too much for me....

Tamara said...

I remember reading synopsis of Divergent last year sometime and thinking it sounded very much like that of Hunger Games, but I never read the book.

Then I saw the movie trailer and I was like, Where is Katniss? Because this is clearly Mockingjay. So I was kind of put off on reading the book.

But then at the store yesterday it was sitting on some oranges (I know, Super Wal-Mart's - you never know what you're going to see OR find) and I thought, Well Sara just posted how she didn't like the book but she liked the movie... And I want to see the movie, kind of, so I better prep by reading the book.

And then I bought the book and the oranges it was sitting on.

The oranges I've eaten, the book is still sitting in the grocery sack in my truck. Oops.