Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Requested Surrender

Talk about being totally late to THIS party. As it turns out, this is book four in the series but even if you are late to the party, it's fine. You'll catch on, just as I did.

Requested Surrender - Riley Murphy
Requested Surrender (Trust in Me, #4)
She knows he’s dangerous for a woman like her.
He knows she’s perfect for a man like him.
From their first meeting, David Hollan is intrigued because Lacy Pembrook is subconsciously hiding someone. Herself. And David wants to know why. He’s patient at first. Willing to give her space, but when she breaks the rules they’ve set between them, he’s ready to hold her accountable. One way or another, he’s going to find the piece of her that’s yet to be uncovered. And when he does? He intends to own it.

Given an ultimatum after she got caught coloring outsides the lines of their “trial” relationship, Lacy decides to fall in with David’s plans. She’ll cancel her trip and spend her vacation time at his house making up for her transgression. No sweat, right? Wrong. What she doesn’t count on when she gets there is him going full-out Dom on her. She quickly learns why they call him the quiet one. He’s dead sexy, watchful and stern at the best of times, and now that he has her all to himself, each of those things are magnified tenfold.

By the time Lacy realizes that he’s completely subjugated her—by way of an emotional striptease—it’s too late. She’s bared her soul to him, so when he requests her surrender she has no choice but to give it to him. Or does she?

Can I just say it? I will because I can. I am kind of completely over the lead female in so many of these BDSM books having ridiculous trust issues. I expected Lacy to have some kind of severe trauma in her childhood to justify her unreal level of immaturity and lack of trust in David. But no. It's not even that traumatic. Is it terrible? Yes. Are her parents absolute assholes? Is her brother a jerk? Yes. Does all of that equal something would justify Lacy's ridiculousness? No. Not even a little bit. 

Now, having not read the previous three books, I feel like maybe I missed some key part of the book because honestly, David isn't much better. His issues with his ex, Elaina? Um, kind of lame. Maybe there is more to it mentioned in previous books but for what I read in this book? Lacy needs to calm the hell down. Slow your crazy train, lady. 

I also have found that almost every BDSM book I read are all copies of Fifty Shades of Gray. Maybe that also is following a script line that everyone else does, but they are all similar. Except this one is a little different because some of her "discipline" is basically him giving her orgasms. I don't know about you, but I would purposely do things wrong if that's the kind of discipline or punishment I'd receive. Sign me up and let me knock everything off this table just to get a double header. But we get the reluctant sub, the eager Dom, then she has trust issues, he gets angry and makes her leave, she tries to run away but oh god she loves him after all, and they make up. Blah. It's the same and it's so unfortunate. I have read other BDSM books that don't follow this prescription and they are great. So great that you almost want to figure out how you can find a secret room in your basement or something. 

While this book was certainly entertaining and the sex scenes were great (Are nipple clamps worth it? I don't know how anyone could say, "sign me up for those!" and really mean it.), and it'll be hard to put down because you do root for them, damn it all. I will say, David's habit of leaving trails of post-it notes with sexy clues and instructions is kind of hot. I mean, I'm saying the next time they are on sale I might pick up some. 

If you are in need of sexy time reading, pick this one up either at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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