Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It smells like perpetual dog shit, it must be spring.

I don't think I have ever, in all of the years I have lived in northern Wisconsin, been as excited for spring and summer as I am this year. It's obviously a combination of the months of freezing awful cold, and feet upon feet of snow, or just the never ending process of it all. I'm over it. Everybody around here is. I think even winter enthusiasts are like, enough is enough.

Luckily for us, it's been pretty amazing this week as far as weather. Snow is melting, and you can kind of see grass in some areas. It's all muddy and brown, but at least you know it's there and it'll come back and be green someday soon. Now that it's reasonable to be outside and I don't have to wear a ton of layers of clothing or a face mask, I've decided that I am going to start up my nightly walking routine again. I'm easing myself into running again and it feels kind of amazing. I'm already at the point where I'm craving my outdoor time and fresh air.

Tonight I managed to get Matt to come out walking with me, and as soon as I got outside all I could smell was dog shit. Like everywhere we went, dog shit. Somehow I forget that every year, spring smells like dog shit around here. It's awful.

But anyways. As it turns out, Matt is a terrible walking partner. Granted, we did have Twinky with us and he has to try to kill everything and the rain gutters were really upsetting him, but Matt is a slow walker. Like, a twenty minute mile walker. If we were in a mall, we would have been trampled by the same couple four times in one lap. It was nice to have him come with me so I didn't have to worry about being abducted. As I get older I feel less safe when I'm by myself outside. I've never been super great about that anyways but put me outside as it's getting dark and you will see the beginnings of a panic attack.

So what else? Here's a recap of crap happening soon:

1. The biggest couch of all time will be here on Friday. Oh? Did I not tell you about this? Well I will on Friday. Because of course there is a hilarious story on how my husband spent $3100 in five minutes on a couch. Oh, and an ottoman. I can't leave out the fucking ottoman.

2. My academic advising meeting? Friday. EEK. I'm kind of nervous. We are going to map out my next few semesters of school and then I register for fall classes on Monday.

3. Still on the fence about summer classes.

4. Summer house projects? Mapping them out.

5. My basement? Is a MESS. A family room is going up and I have progress pictures. We're quickly discovering that the previous owners owned no power tools and hand nailed everything in and also did not own a level. Absolutely nothing around here is level. Not even close. *sigh*

Lots of stuff coming up. I'm just so happy about the warmer weather and being outside. My brain isn't used to this much fresh air and stimulation.

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