Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Caves, Crazy Horse and Cabin- DAY TWO

I was probably the most excited about day two, myself. We had lots on our agenda for our trip but it came down to fitting things in when we could.

 So this was the day we were going to go to the Rushmore Cave. I was most excited about this because, fun fact, I was a bit of a geology geek in high school. Totally loved it. I've gotten rusty and I always wish I could just take classes for fun. Oh well, someday.

The cave turned out to be super cool. It's all limestone so you can't touch any of it otherwise it turns black and dies. I mean, who wants to kill it? So the kids were really good about following the rules.
Jackson was most impressed when our guide, Brady B., told us how far under ground we were. He thought that he was a real explorer.

Some of the areas were very narrow and steep. If you are at all claustrophobic, probably not the best thing for you. But we managed to get through the entire tour without incident.  
We had a pretty great time in there. Afterwards, we bought the kids a bag of dirt with rocks/gems in it that they could "mine". That lasted maybe a full two minutes, but they thought it was pretty cool.

After that, we got in the car and headed towards the Crazy Horse Memorial.
Which was pretty stinking massive. It's not completed and honestly, at the rate they're going, it won't be finished in my lifetime. Probably not even my kids' lifetimes. While I appreciate the whole "not letting the government help out" thing given it's a memorial for the Native Americans who basically had everything taken from them because of the government, it's hard to appreciate this for what it will be when it's not even half done. But it is huge. Mouth Rushmore is smaller than Crazy Horse's head.

Matt helping Jackson get a better view.
This is the mold they are using for a guide. So, it'll be pretty impressive. Someday.

Surprise- Jackson found another buffalo to take his picture next to!
After Crazy Horse, we were all kind of exhausted. We had spent most of our day in the car going back and forth between places so we decided it was about time to check out these camping cabins.
 Honestly, they weren't awful. They were pretty small. The beds were hard as hell even with the thing they are calling a mattress. Which was really a glorified nap pad for kindergartners. There were towels on the windows and they called those curtains. The bathroom was just under a 1/4 of a mile up the trail. So, it was doable.
You can tell by Olivia's face she was not impressed when we informed her that her and Jackson had to share a bed. Granted, there were more than enough beds but I had only brought one fitted sheet for our bed and one for theirs. I didn't have room to pack more than that so they had to share. Overall, that worked out pretty well.
So we did our hot dogs and beans on the grill.  We made ourselves a little picnic.

 And we obviously did smores.
We took the kids and showered up. Not as terrible as I expected. I mean, it could really have been far worse.
 We got ready for bed..

 ...even me.
And we went to sleep.

Well, the kids did. Matt and I lay there sweating our fucking asses off. Because at that point, it was about 92 degrees in the cabin. We had the windows open, no breeze. We were literally baking in there. Around 2 a.m. though, Matt had drifted off and I had to pee. I had to really pee.

I debated on holding it. Quickly dismissed that when I sat up and realized my bladder is as full as it gets. I had to take action. I was able to find my sandals, but not the flashlight. A quick check out the door and I figured, it's not that dark. I'll be fine. I'll just pay attention and hustle.

So I set off.

I only make it half way there when all of a sudden, I go down.

I go down hard.

I know I made a "umph"  noise. I honestly thought I broke my ankle. I wasn't sure what I had done. Was it an animal? Was I going to be mauled in a weird "campground" on the god damn highway?


It turns out to just be a hole. A dangerous hole that has ruined everything.

Because you see, by this point, all hope was lost. I started laughing. Which means in that exact moment, I started peeing.

Oh yes.

This girl, age 32, peed her god damn pants while sitting in a hole, laughing, in the middle of night, in a weird campground on the god damn highway.

And I really peed. I peed enough that I honestly considered just stripping down right there and running back. But then I saw some guy pissing out of his camper, and while I realized how genius that was and wondered why didn't I just do that, I decided to not streak through the campground.

Instead, I waddled back trying to not drip on my sandals.

I got back to the cabin and changed into new underwear. Decided that maybe not having pajama bottoms was a good thing because it was so hot in there, and went to bed.

Rather, I lay in the dark and ridiculously hot room for another few hours until others woke up.

Needless to say, my first night in a camping cabin was kind of eventful. Even more so when in the morning, on our way to the showers/bathroom, we all noticed my giant puddle of urine. Matt asked if anyone saw my face or which cabin I went into.



Shirley said...

I can't believe you didn't tell me you peed your got damn pants!

Jen Mc said...

ROFLMBO I love it! Sounds like something that would happen to me...
It sounds like a great trip

Christy said...

I laughed my ass off at this one. :)

FinnyKnits said...

Always go for the joke, even at the expense of your own pride. You're my favorite. :)

Julie H said...

hahaha I could so see myself cracking up and peeing my pants like that lol.