Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eyes on You

Are you impressed with the amount of book reviews lately? Being laid up because of mouth pain means I get to read a lot while I watch everyone else do the laundry and vacuuming.

Eyes On You - Kate White
Eyes on You
From New York Times bestselling author Kate White comes a riveting psychological suspense in which a media star must battle a malevolent enemy who may be disturbingly close to her. 

After losing her on-air job two years ago, television host Robin Trainer has fought her way back and now she’s hotter than ever. With her new show climbing in the ratings and her first book a bestseller, she’s being dubbed a media double threat. 

But suddenly, things begin to go wrong. Small incidents at first: a nasty note left in her purse; her photo shredded. But the obnoxious quickly becomes threatening when the foundation the makeup artist uses burns Robin’s face. It wasn’t an accident—someone had deliberately doctored with the product. 

An adversary with a dark agenda wants to hurt Robin, and the clues point to someone she works with every day. While she frantically tries to put the pieces together and unmask this hidden foe, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the person responsible isn’t going to stop until Robin loses everything that matters to her . . . including her life.

I'm a medium kind of Kate White fan. I really liked Hush  and I was only kind of a fan of The Sixes. I haven't read anything else because I felt like, unless I could find it at the library and I had nothing else in my pile or I found a great deal, I'd let them go. But then this was available on tour and the premise seemed really interesting and I thought, I haven't had a good thriller lately, I'm going to give it a try. 

And.... I was disappointed. I had a hard time getting into it because I didn't like the main character, Robin so much. Secondly, this read a lot like Nora Roberts Private Scandals, which I read years ago and totally loved. Though that one obviously has a romance element to it and this one doesn't really, there were a lot of similarities for me. 

When you read the book it does feel like an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, so in that regard I enjoyed it. But the writing felt a little flat for me and I was able to figure out who the culprit was by mid book and that always ruins the second half for me. When I read a thriller, I want to be on the edge of me seat and have the gasp with "WHAT?!" when the bad guy is revealed. I never want to see it coming and I want to have the wind taken out of me. You'll get none of that with this book. 

Overall I felt like this novel could have gone a lot further and it just didn't. I always set out thinking I'm going to be a big fan and I want to be. I don't know why, but I want to be. And then... I don't know. Maybe if I hadn't read the Nora Roberts book, or a few others similar to it, I wouldn't feel so blah about this one. It's like re-reading the same story with slightly different details and it's just hard for me to say- go buy this book. 

BUT- if you haven't read Kate White yet, this might be a good one to start with and then read The Sixes and then read Hush because it'll feel like she's getting better and better with her writing. All would make entertaining vacation reads for sure, especially if you are looking to step out of your regular genre. 

Kate does have a website HERE, and you can check out her Facebook as well, HERE

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