Monday, July 21, 2014

Copper Falls? Oh you mean the Land of a Lot of Stairs.

While we didn't get to go to Copper Falls on Saturday, we decided Sunday was the day. Even though I was sore from our hike before and my body was still trying to replenish my blood loss from being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I decided to hell with it all- we're going.

But this time we left Twinky home because I'll be damned if I drive over an hour and not see some damn waterfalls.

So off we went. We also took a quick drive through Ashland, Wisconsin and Matt did not let me stop at the local bookstore because he is a fun killer.

But Jackson enthusiastically told me this park looks way better than Pattison because they had an actual playground AND because mom remembered the bug spray this time.
 So we started hiking. It had been years since Matt and I had been here (like ten??) and I remembered it to be a really easy hike. Unfortunately, an easy hike for an active 22 year old is a little different than what an easy hike as a chunky 32 year old would be. Mostly because I really don't remember there being stairs and there actually are a lot.
 I mean, I was wearing shorts and my thighs were sticking together because I was so sweaty. But the kids were kind of loving the waterfalls.
 We took our obligatory one arm shot where Olivia photo bombed us. But right after this my neck was sweaty so I decided the hair had to go up.
 So we walked and walked and then we found a beachy area. The water was actually really warm but I was so sweaty. Like, I cannot explain fully how sweaty I was. It was like I had come out of a pool. I had sweat pooling in my sports bra. I'm not even joking.
 So we kept moving because by this point I was wanted to be done. We were only like 30 minutes in and I basically wish Matt's back would hold out long enough to carry me back to the car. But then we found this cool log that looked like a heart and I made the kids take a picture.
And shortly after that, we found another pretty observation spot. I think the kids were getting sick of me talking about bedrock, granite and lava formations. Maybe I sounded delirious. 

 Even Matt was sweaty. But the best part is that not one of us was bitten by any kind of bug. Take THAT, nature.

 Oh yes. The last part of the trail I kept seeing signs for the wheelchair accessible path. And this was one of them. I'm sorry, but if I was in a wheel chair, there isn't a chance in hell I would go down that path. I'm telling you that that path was overgrown, totally not even in any way and far bumper than the rugged path. It was kind of hilarious.

What was not hilarious was college students talking about how they would be millionaires if they made iPhone charging stations in forests. I think I stared at them for too long and they probably thought I was mentally handicapped but come on- I hate nature too but even I can appreciate the value of looking at trees and shit.
 But we made it through the entire Doughboy Trail (no, really- that's what it's called and aptly so) so we played on the playground.
 And played some more.

As I'm chugging water as if I hadn't had any in days, I see a pack of 5 20something, dirty college kids coming out of the forest with backpacks. As it turns out, they had hiked to the backpack campsite area (way off the Doughboy Trail,  like on a real hike) and had spent 2 days out there. Which got me thinking, I wonder if I could handle that? They had a small tent and camp rolls and nothing but what would fit in their backpacks. I looked at Matt who said he'd give me a dollar if I did that.

A dolla make a girl holla is what I say.

So.. maybe.
But within minutes of getting on the road, this was the scene from the back seat. Matt was driving and I decided I'd do my best to belt out every Bryan Adams song my phone had on it. Which ended up being 36 of them. Poor Matt looked like he hated his life which is too bad because from our house to our first hotel on the South Dakota trip? Almost 13 hours, baby!


thotlady said...

You are killing me. 13 hours, Yikes.

Julie H said...

Looks like a great day! I love nature :) minus the bugs and dirt.