Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kings of Leon. Swoon.

Remember way back in March when I went on a hilariously amazing birthday road trip with my blogger friend Shirley and we were mutually thankful the other wasn't secretly an old man pervert who spends his weekend as a serial killer? 

Yes, it was great. But what made it great is that we both love Kings of Leon and so we went to see them. It was amazing. 

I love the Kings of Leon boys so much. So much so that if any of them were like, "Hey Sara- we left our wives and we want you to leave your husband and be like, our group wife and like, come with us everywhere because you're so awesome and pretty." I'd honestly have to chuck deuces at Matt and go. And I feel that way if this were Robert Downey, Jr., Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum and the list really goes on. I'm totally upfront with Matt because I choose to be optimistic in life and so it's best to just be prepared. 

And even though I had to sit next to some super dirty guy who kept wolfing down cheese curds and peanuts with cheap beer and the smell of that on top of the fact he hadn't showered in a few days? It was a really great concert. 

Shirley and I were both upset that I did not own my minivan anymore or own a human trafficking/rapist van. (Because we all know rapist vans are the conversion vans with windows and human trafficking vans have no windows.) (We saw a lot of both of those near Rockford, Illinois and I think there is a hub around there for such activity.)

The best part about Kings of Leon is they are what I refer to as a "panty dropper band". That means depending on the song, the first chords will make any woman worth her salt drop her panties. If a band can't do that, they need to go home. 

I'm going to be honest though. Caleb? Honey. We need to talk about the hair plugs. I know your current wife is a super model and super gorgeous, but don't you change. Don't you let her tell you your early baldness is anything but amazing. I would love you even with baldness. 

I honest to god don't know how much money I have spent on Kings of Leon merchandise, music and concert tickets. Not to mention the cost of driving to their concerts. I've got to be in the thousands of dollars at this point. It's ridiculous and I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to. But they are so incredibly great live and they sound exactly like they do on their albums. I know I get heat when I say if you sound nothing like your album when I see you live, I'm not a fan anymore. But it really is true, I think a real artist doesn't need all of the modifications that go into making an album now and it really isn't talent to use auto tune and the like. Kings of Leon are just really great and I'll drive anywhere to see them. Heart you boys. 

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