Friday, July 18, 2014

So, not a totally terrible week.

I have SO many things to share with you since I've learned how to get my pictures off of my phone and onto my computer. All by myself, I'm going to just add in here. I want to call Matt and work and show off my skills but I don't think he'd be happy. He mentioned having to climb into machines today so probably wouldn't appreciate me calling for something dumb. Dumb, but totally awesome. So here's what my week has been like: 

The kids have been sucking up as of late. I plan to fully enjoy this since I hate unloading the dishwasher. So I woke up one morning to find this. Don't worry, Daddy doesn't know where they go either and he's a grown up. 

I went to a book signing for Brian Benson. Who, like I've mentioned to probably 317 people this week, is amazing, humble, gracious, and handsome. Seriously. And let me just fan girl it a minute, because Olivia and I? Oh yes, we're mentioned in his Huff Post blog about his bike book tour. I know. It's a big deal and Olivia said she really wishes that I'd carry a recent photo of her because we could have given it to him and her picture could have been featured. But you can read the article HERE. And if you have not ordered his book yet, Going Somewhere: A Bicycle Journey Across America, you need to right now. I'm going to finish it up on my long ass drive to South Dakota next week, but I already told Matt for my birthday I want a bike. He said OK. I'm kind of terrified, but more excited because I really do want to ride across at least two states someday. I may as well get some practice in now. 

I did the Glow Run with my friend Andrea. It ended up being a ton of fun even though we walked it. Gorgeous night in Duluth and we saw the Super Moon after we turned around. Which honestly, wasn't that impressive? I was expecting more, I guess. I did not do the Color Run the next morning. I actually woke up around 4 to get ready but realized I had a migraine and a head cold from hell. No way was I going to rally. So I'm really disappointed because it turned out a lot of people I knew ran it and they all had perfect weather and looked amazing. *sigh* I am signed up for the Color Run in LaCrosse in September, so there's that. It's not a total Color Run bust this year. 

My little brother got married. And even though I knew it was happening, I was just really emotional about it. Thankfully, I kept my tears to a minimum and I didn't embarrass them by having to blow my nose. But it was just a small affair at the courthouse because their lives are BUSY, but it was kind of amazing. Their vows were lovely, the ceremony reading was lovely, and my new sister in law looked beautiful. But she wasn't going to have flowers since this was all kind of last minute, but I couldn't let that happen. So Travis gave me the scoop that she was wearing a purple dress so I called our local florist, Engwalls, who were able to whip up this bridal bouquet literally last minute. And it matched her dress perfectly. But the best part is that I am going to be an auntie and they are having a little girl. Seriously- Wednesday was maybe the best day that I have had in a long time. I'm so excited for them. So you can assume I'm busy planning her baby shower and I really need the distraction, so this is just perfect. 

I got my hair cut and colored. Which, normally not a big deal? But I only get my hair cut maybe twice a  year because honestly, I can't afford it. It's an expense that is the first to go when I'm cutting things from the budget. Everyone else gets a hair cut and I put mine off until it's really just too much of a mess to handle. But my hair is really thick and naturally wavy, so once it gets to the point where I can't get a comb through it, it's time to go. So this was my before picture. 

And after. Well, day after. It takes forever to straighten my hair but I much prefer it to the wavy. But I got highlights and an inch cut off and I promised my hair lady I would be back sometime in October. But this was me on my brother's wedding day so I tried extra hard to make it look nice. 

Well, that was my week. Next week I'm working a bunch before our trip but I have posts set to go for while I'm gone, and of course, I'll be checking in as much as I can. I'll be on email and Facebook as well because sadly, the world keeps trucking along even when I'm on vacation. Which is totally crazy. 


Brenda said...

Holy cadoddle! You did have an awesome week--and you deserved it after the teeth crap you went through.

Zoƫ said...

your hair looks great and congrats on being an auntie!

Life Love & High Heels said...

LOVE the hair change!!! I really think you should make this your pic on your blog!

And congrats to travis! I'm sure your new SIL was thrilled to have flowers. And yay baby girl! I'm sure you'll plan the best baby shower ever :)

jn said...

I love how your hair turned out. This of course coming from someone who can't grow her hair worth a lick. ( Poor Andrea...she has her mother's hair) And I also cut my own as well as my husbands and my grandkids. Except Tyler.....hmmm I don't think Andrea trust me?
I so enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad to see you seem to be handling your miscarriage with grace and strength. Stay strong.
Andrea's mom (Janette)

thotlady said...

Your hair is beautiful. A baby on the way is such a happy time. Congrats to your brother and your family.

Jandy xx said...

Omg I LOVE your hair! You look so stunning!

Ruth said...

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