Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm still a concert junkie. For life.

You guys- I realize I have been grossly behind in updating you on fun things. It's all doom and gloom up in here as of late. You probably think I'm becoming a hermit reading romance novels while eating ice cream. You wouldn't totally be wrong, but I have been leaving the house for non work and kid related things. A few weeks ago, I went to the One Republic concert with my mom and uncle. They love music as well, and honestly- I get my love of music from my family. Someone always had music playing at all times and so I just love it. It's kind of cool as an adult to have them to go to concerts with because I enjoy my time with them AND it's fun to not drive the 2.5 hours home on a really dark highway all by myself. 

So we went. And it was great. But even better was the dinner before hand. We tried a new to us restaurant, Hubert's, and it's right next to the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Well it was really nice and had excellent food, but the best part was our really clumsy waitress. Honestly, this poor woman's clothes were soaked from dropping literally every drink on herself. At one point, she completely missed the two steps as she went do to the bar/drink area and face planted. You shouldn't laugh but honestly, you'd think for as many times as she was going back and forth she'd remember there were two shallow steps there. So that was fun. 

But the concert was even MORE fun. 

One of my new favorite bands, American Authors, opened for them. They are just getting on my radar and I've given their album a few listens and I'm optimistic that they will only get better. Plus, the lead singer is cute and has a great stage presence. I really enjoyed them a lot. The Script also opened and I'm not a fan. I'm just not but they are really good live and I think I was maybe the only non fan in the crowd. That lead singer ran around the arena quite a bit and I felt bad because I think Target Center scheduled the least physically fit security guards that night and you can tell they really struggled to keep up. But those two bands did a great job opening for One Republic. 

And then One Republic came out and put on an excellent show. They are just really great live and Ryan Tedder is a dream. Seriously. Any girl who says he is not dream husband material is lying to you. His wife is a lucky, lucky gal. *sigh* 

What I always enjoy is when they change up their songs just a little bit. Ryan mentioned on a few songs that though they love them, it gets monotonous to do them the same every night and so they switch it up. And they did a fantastic job of it. 

Easily one of the most memorable moments is during their encore performance, they covered Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" (that link is not my video, but you get to hear how great it was) and honestly- if that song doesn't pull at your heart strings even a little bit, you are a terribly cold person. There has to be something really wrong with you. But it was just a great moment when all of the lights from phones go up and people all sing along. 

It was such a great concert. Honestly, if they are coming anywhere near you- it's worth the drive and the ticket. The next concert on my agenda is Katy Perry in August, which is a birthday gift to Olivia that she doesn't even know is happening. I'm kind of excited to take her to her first concert. The best part is my friend Andrea and her daughter Sydney will be with us and it's a birthday present for her daughter, and the two girls are best friends. It's going to be such a memorable night for both girls, I'll totally get a ton of pictures. 

Then I am going to another Black Keys concert with my mom in October. Or September. I don't even remember. But I'm also hoping Anberlin comes to Minneapolis since they are breaking up as a band and are on one final, massive tour and I'd hate to miss that. I'm such a fan of theirs as well. But then that'll be the end of concerts for a little while, at least until some of these medical bills go away. Being a grown up blows. 

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