Tuesday, July 15, 2014

South Dakota... coming soon!

Someone asked me the other day if I was going to do a 40/40 list like I did my 30/30 list. Which, good question. Instead, I have just been adding things to my bucket list which you can view by clicking on "The Bucket List" above OR, you can click here and be lazy. Every time I think of something new or learn about something I want to see or do, I just keep adding to the list.

That Bucket List is part of the reason why we are going to South Dakota for our family vacation this year. Also because we cannot afford to fly all four of us somewhere warm and beachy, unfortunately. The kids are at the age right now where they do really well during long car rides (always have) and they are kind of interested in seeing different parts of the country. One thing I always wished my family could afford while growing up was to go on family vacations. So as a parent now, I'm determined to do that with my own kids.

The tentative plans right now for South Dakota are:

-Stay in Rapid City in a cheap, hopefully clean hotel
-Possibly visit Mount Rushmore at night to see the program/show that they do
-Visit Mount Rushmore during the day (by Olivia's request), see the museum, walk around on some trails or whatever, etc
-Go to Rushmore Caves and let the kids pan for gold
-Spend the night in a "camping cabin"
- Go to Custer State Park
- Hopefully see buffalo. Jackson's request is that we drive through a stampede- I have a plan for this
- Do a chuckwagon/cowboy dinner per Jackson's request
- Spend another night in said "camping cabin"
- Visit Wall Drug
- Go to the Badlands, drvie the Scenic Byway, hike around a bit
- Go to the stupid Corn Palace (Olivia thinks it's going to be cool)
- Stay in a really sketchy hotel in Mitchell, but be thankful for a working toilet and shower because the camping cabins won't have either
- Stop in Sioux Falls for lunch, visit the city/see the park
- Arrive home in time for bed so we can all go to work the next day

That's a LOT to pack into five days. Yeah, I said it, five days. But one thing about the Strands is that we are road warriors. We'll be fine and I keep us all on track. You can appreciate nature, but you've got about 15 minutes to do it and then we are on to the next stop.

I am bummed we won't have time for the Mammoth Dig Site because I think both kids would love that. But literally, we're trying to stay on that one stretch of highway and not deviate too much only to conserve gas and time. But what we have planned so far will cross off at least two things for sure. That's kind of neat.

But I'm already thinking in my head for next summer. Next summer I really, REALLY want to go to Yellowstone. Matt says if we go to Yellowstone, we are legit camping. I said I'd be willing to compromise on a couple of nights like I'm doing this time, but I cannot and will not go a full week without a shower, a bed, and air conditioning. Nope. Not going to happen.

So reviewing my bucket list- what am I missing? Where should I visit? Is there something really super awesome where you live that people should get to see/do?

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Life Love & High Heels said...

I need a bucket list! This post made me realize i need to get on that! I'll be 30 this year and seriously- what have I accomplished!?