Friday, July 11, 2014

Author fan girl, glow and color

So last night I went to a book signing at my local Barnes & Noble. Which, you probably already assumed this, but I absolutely love author readings and signings, so every time one pops up, I try to go. Anyways. So this one was for Brian Benson's book Going Somewhere and it's new, but it's like the book Wild, but better and on a bicycle.

I've been wanting to read this ever since I saw it as a "coming soon" book so I obviously bought my copy last night and had him sign it. But the best part about this is that he is actually ridiculously hilarious, humble, amazing and handsome in person. Like, the author picture does him no justice and I'm fairly certain I sat there in the front row with obvious googly eyes. I asked a ton of questions and I left there wanting to purchase a bicycle, a backpack, and a map.

I know really feel like my bucket list item of riding a bike across two states isn't totally ridiculous. I'll just take his advice and go west to east and avoid head wind. So I am now a total fan girl for Brian Benson and if there were shirts, I'd wear one. Just saying.
So today I had a second interview for a second part time job. Honestly, we need the money. These medical bills are killing us and until I can be a famous author and earn royalties, I have to slum it like the rest of  us. So I applied at a Kwik Trip job fair on Wednesday and had an hour long interview. Sent in my references and within minutes of the first 5 references filling out their form, I got a call asking for a final interview. So that was today. Which was awful because I woke up with the flu and a fever. But I went anyways because I thought, surely I won't be there long.

Luckily I did because the final interview was actually a job offer right out the bat. I got scheduled for training and orientation and sent on my way to a drug test. Which I'm assuming I passed despite all of the Day Quil I pumped myself with so I could form complete sentences and not appear to be sweating like I was when I woke up, because nobody has called in regards to that.

I'm really bummed out I need a second job but I keep telling myself it's only temporary. Maybe I can pay off Matt's truck, the credit card, the medical bills, and the furniture. That would be kind of amazing. If those were all gone, we'd be doing really well financially so that's the goal here.
Tomorrow night though, I'm doing the Glow Run 5K in Duluth. That starts at 9pm, I'm assuming I'll be done around 10 and home by 10:30. Which is good because I have to be up at 5am the next morning so we can all drive two and a half hours to Minneapolis so I can pick up my packet and get in line for the 8:30 wave of the Color Run.

Which girl should stop scheduling things without referring to her calendar?


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good luck, have fun and stay hydrated!